"Seven Simple Actions to Help Birds"

"In 2019, scientists documented North America's staggering loss of nearly 3 billion breeding birds since 1970. Helping birds can be as simple as making changes to everyday habits.

And in case anyone asks you why bird conservation is so important, here are five specific bedrock reasons why birds matter and an in-depth article on the economic value of birds. -Cornell Lab of Ornithology

#BringBirdsBack- Bring Birds Back- Why Birds Matter.


1. Make windows safe.  

Seven Simple Acts

Find Window Alerts at MyWBU Granger, IN Store

2. Keep cats indoors.  

American Bird Conservatory Cat Solutions

3. Reduce lawn, plant natives.  

Audubon Native Plants

4. Avoid pesticides.  

American Bird Conservatory Neonics Petition

5. Drink coffee that's good for birds.  

Where to buy bird friendly coffee.

6. Protect our planet from plastic. 

Audubon- Eight easy ways to reduce your plastic waste

7. Watch birds, share what you see.  

The Cornell Lab Project Feeder Watch





For more information visit- Wild Birds Unlimited - Save the Songbirds

For more information visit- Cornell Lab of Ornithology- Seven Simple Actions to Save Song Birds


Wild Birds Unlimited Podcast "Seven Simple Actions to Save the Songbirds."-